Global conference to ensure we can build capacity to meet future needs for conservation action


Mark is currently leading the development of a global conservation capacity conference, to be held in July 2019. This meeting is the culmination of three other major international conferences Mark has organised, that addressed regional capacity issues. The meeting will be hosted at ZSL's conference suite in London. The meeting will cover:

  • Regional perspectives on capacity building (brought from the 3 regional conferences).

  • An overview of capacity building work in the last 10 years.

  • A horizon scanning exercise to look at up-coming opportunities, needs and threats.

  • Discussion of funding issues with donor organisations.

  • An overview of available capacity building tools and methods.


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Key Outputs

  • A special edition of the International Journal of Conservation (Oryx) on driving forward solutions for future capacity building for conservation.

  • A published series of online TED-like talks based on keynotes at the conference.

  • Real-time live streaming of conference presentations.

  • A published series of short booklets (practical guides) providing a comprehensive review of all major capacity building methods and associated research evidence. 

  • A formalised group for capacity development grant making programmes.